Beachfront Photo

MEETINGS at marram offer coastal inspiration. Collaborate with panoramic ocean views and fresh sea air. Productive sessions infused with natural tranquility, fostering creativity, focus, and connection.


MARRAM'S meeting space merges modern comfort with beachside charm, providing an ideal setting for productive and inspiring gatherings.

Beach Front Team Dinners

BEACHFRONT Team dinners are the perfect respite from a day of planning and working. Creativity and inspiration come naturally as you listen to the waves gently join at the shoreline.


FIRE Gather the entire team around our communal wood-burning fire pits for an evening of s’mores. Or, reserve your private beach fire for a special evening under the starry skies of Montauk, curated by your personal attendant.


LARGE GROUPS Meetings at MARRAM offer a refreshing escape from urban routines. The coastal ambiance fosters creativity and clear thinking, while serene surroundings enhance collaboration and engagement, resulting in more productive and meaningful outcomes.


FLEXIBLE SPACES Tailored for versatility, MARRAM's breakout areas redefine flexibility. With beachfront lounges, bespoke conversation corners on the elevated terrace, and creatively curated indoor spots, our spaces enrich your corporate retreat experiences


MINDFULNESS A thoughtfully curated set of experiences for your team can be put together by our creativity partners from a broad range of disciplines. Guided nature walks, yoga, meditation, breath work, and other well-being activities and workshops are available exclusively for you and your team.


DINING From late May through mid October, we are proud to offer mostrador marram, our on-site seasonal outdoor counter service café, which celebrates a refined approach to Latin American cuisine led by award-winning chef Fernando Trocca and restaurateur Martín Pittaluga of José Ignacio’s La Huella & Mostrador Santa Teresita.


BIKES & BOARDS An experience they will never forget awaits. Explore further afield with our complimentary Retrospec® bicycles, go on a scavenger hunt exploring Montauk, or learn to surf with the world class surf instructors of Engstrom Surf at our on-site surf shack.


We welcome events of all types. Please fill out the form below, so we can work together to ensure the best experiences.